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Tiffany G. Johnson is a proud native of Memphis, TN, although she has lived in several states and traveled extensively across the nation and the world. In just three years, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Miami (Florida), during which time she had the opportunity to study English Literature at Oxford University in England. In the summer preceding law school, she attended the Charles Hamilton Houston Law School Preparatory Institute, where she was recognized as "Best Appellate Advocate" in the program's moot court competition.

Tiffany graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. The highlight of her law school career was her two clinical courses -- one in criminal law during a visiting semester back home at the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law in Memphis, and another as a practical law instructor teaching basic legal rights and practical life skills to inmates serving felony sentences at a D.C. correctional facility.

During law school, Tiffany clerked for Temple Law Offices, a small firm specializing in race discrimination and civil rights, where she first embraced her love of legal writing (and her love of small firms). Tiffany also held two consecutive national office positions with the National Black Law Students Association, serving first as National Community Service Director and then as National Parliamentarian and Historian. Her service efforts range from voter registration drives in Chicago housing projects to student mentoring programs geared towards fine arts and popular culture.

After law school, Tiffany initially opted not to practice law. Instead, she sought to make a difference in the lives of inner city youth by serving as a public school teacher. She taught secondary language arts, journalism, debate, legal studies, and dance in Miami, FL and in Memphis, TN before finally settling down to start her legal practice. After passing the Tennessee bar exam on her first attempt, she began working for The Cochran Firm - Memphis, where she represented victims of negligence, discrimination, and governmental abuses of power.

Tiffany has completed graduate coursework in sociology, education, and composition at Howard University, Christian Brothers University, the University of Miami, and the University of Memphis. She now teaches undergraduate legal writing courses at the University of Memphis and coordinates UM's Legal Studies Program.

Given her growing love of writing, it was not surprising that while practicing law with The Cochran Firm, Tiffany rather quickly – and willingly – settled into the natural role of serving as a “go-to-person” for all things written. She looked forward to her colleagues’ ever-increasing requests for assistance with writing projects, and before long, legal writing essentially became her entire law practice. She took note of how sorely the busy litigators in her office needed to dedicate their attention to matters besides time-consuming legal research, tedious blue-booking, and the often daunting drafting process. She became more and more interested in fulfilling this need on a broader scale in the legal profession as a whole. Ultimately, she decided to write full time, and QP Legal was born!