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Sharpen your own skills...

QP Legal is proud to announce the addition of its latest new service: We now offer seminars in effective legal writing, persuasive argument, and written communication in general.  The public seminar can be configured as a one-hour or a two-hour accredited course for Continuing Legal Education (CLE).  We are happy to partner with local, regional, and national bar associations and affinity groups to offer this training course for CLE credit in any jurisdiction.

We also offer private writing seminars to law firms for in-house refresher training.  The in-house seminar is particularly useful for new associates embarking on the transition from academic writing to practical writing for the courts.  However, it can also be helpful for veteran lawyers interested in updating their writing styles to comport with modern trends such as the "Plain Language Movement" and other recent industry developments. We also teach lawyers how to master the features of Microsoft Word for effective use in legal documents.

Our course suggests several practical tools for sharpening skills in the delicate art of conveying meaning on paper.  This is a dynamic workshop that goes far beyond monotonous lecture.  The course features an interactive PowerPoint presentation, lots of student participation, and several practice exercises.  We offer real-world context for each of the skills we teach, and class attendees get valuable practice putting each skill to immediate use.