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Putting Your J.D. to Non-Traditional Use...

In order to maximize the quality time and attention committed to each of its clients' legal briefs, QP Legal is careful never to accept any more assignments than it has the personnel and capacity to handle well.  However, the more writers we have, the more clients we are able to serve.  Because we take the quality of our product so seriously, QP Legal only affiliates with legal writers of impeccable qualifications.  After all, lawyers do not hire us to write briefs that are merely adequate.  Instead, we strive to give our clients the kind of briefs that exceed any work product that their limited time and manpower would have allowed them to create on their own.  For this reason, we look forward to teaming up with top-notch writers who simply love the process of communicating on paper.  Some of the minimum qualifications that we look for in legal writers are listed below:

  • Must demonstrate genuine respect for the practice of law as a profession
  • Must have earned a juris doctor degree
  • Must have a least some real-world experience as a practicing litigator
  • Must demonstrate a solid general understanding of the legal system and its logistics and administration (appellate procedure, trial dynamics, motion practice, etc.)
  • Must have exceptional mastery of the principals, grammatical rules, and stylistic best practices of English composition, both in legal writing and in general contexts
  • Must have exceptional research skills and mastery of the techniques for using electronic and printed judicial opinion databases
  • Must demonstrate mastery of standard citation practices
  • Must demonstrate mastery of common word processing software and ability to format written documents in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way

If you are interested in being considered for a position
as a contracted legal writer or researcher for QP Legal,
please email us your resume and a recent writing sample.