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Five Reasons to Outsource

Ninety-hour work weeks are overrated...

1.  You hate writing.

Life is short, and you only live once.  If your practice demands most of your waking hours, why not spend that time working on the things you actually enjoy?  Most lawyers truly despise the writing process, so don't torture yourself.  Immerse yourself in the fun parts of litigation, and leave the writing to us! 

2.  You don't have time to write.

An effective legal brief can take many hours to write.  And if you don't write often or don't enjoy writing, the process can easily drag on for much longer. Meanwhile, your clients and staff are neglected, judges and opposing counsel are frustrated, your spouse isn't happy with your late hours at work, and you've been slapped with a motion to compel for those discovery responses you should have finished up last week.  Instead, you were fiddling with a massive legal brief that never quite fit into your schedule.  Wouldn't this have been a much more pleasant week if you had called QP Legal?

3.  Writing isn't exactly your forte.

Let's face it -- not everyone was born to write.  Perhaps you are a dynamic public speaker or a cunning negotiator with less-than-stellar writing skills.  If so, then QP Legal is the perfect solution. With our research and writing in the war chest, your legal memoranda will be just as impressive as your oral arguments.

4.  You like flexibility.

Is your dispositive motion deadline interfering with your vacation? Or would you simply rather be in depositions and court hearings instead of glued to your computer back at the office?  Don't let your practice run your life. Increase your productivity leverage with QP Legal.  While you work on your opening statement for one case, we'll be polishing up your appellate brief for another.

5.  You like making money.

By outsourcing, you can reduce overhead and administrative costs.  Downgrade those pricey subscriptions to online research databases.  Manage a larger caseload without over-extending yourself or neglecting your clients.  In some cases, lawyers may even be able to assess a surcharge to clients for work that was outsourced (subject to local ethical rules and restrictions). Bottom line: QP Legal can work wonders for your bottom line.