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QP Writing Tips


Why Choose Us?

The QP Advantage...

1.  Quality.

Our writing strikes the perfect balance between theoretical scholarship and real-world application.  We know how to simplify even the most nuanced arguments in a way that is both persuasive and practical.

2.  Integrity.

Judges expect lawyers to addresses every relevant fact and legal issue, whether favorable or not.  We know how to credibly de-emphasize "bad facts" and distinguish adverse authorities.

3.  Attention to Detail.

At QP Legal, we know exactly how to punctuate and format a case citation.  We'll never use a direct object with an intransitive verb.  We know the difference between an em dash and a hyphen. And we make sure the headings, line spacing, and paragraph justification are consistent throughout every project. Judges take notice of these details, and so do we.

4.  Accessibility.

If you're going to outsource, don't gamble on anonymous students overseas.  With QP Legal, you will have 24-hour access to your brief writer, and we are happy to met in person if you so choose -- whether you're local or not.

5.  Value.

QP Legal is far more affordable than larger companies that charge $150 per hour or more to pump out boilerplate briefs. But there is more to value than just low cost.  Value takes into consideration not only cost, but quality.  With the broad range of litigation support options available to lawyers today, we strive to give you the most bang for your buck.